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Competition notice

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The Board of the Metropolis GZM hereby announces the competition for a project of the logotype of the Metropolis GZM. Legal and natural persons from Poland and other countries can participate in the Competition. The project ought to comply with the provisions indicated in the Regulations of the Competition and its Annexes. The Competition consists of two stages. In the first stage of the Competition natural and legal persons who participate in the Competition can up to 13 of July 2018 prepare a portfolio including at least any 3 earlier designed logotype projects. On the basis of the content of portfolio the Competition Commission on 24 of July 2018 shall choose five legal/natural persons who shall be invited to the second stage of the Competition. Terms and conditions for submitting of the projects to the second stage of the competition have been stipulated in section 3 of the Regulations. All the Participants invited to the second stage will be awarded by the Organizer with financial prizes, and the main winner of the Competition shall be additionally awarded with the main financial prize. In the second stage of the Competition legal and/or natural persons can enter the projects of the logotype of the Metropolis GZM till 26 August 2018.  On 28 August the Competition Commission will settle the results and announce a winner. The winner of the Competition will have the possibility to develop a proposition of preparing, on the basis of the winning project, visual identification (Brand book) for the Metropolis GZM.

All the details connected with the Competition as: terms of participation, dates, members of the Competition Commission, guidelines for the logotype, list of elements of the Brand book are available in the Regulations of the Competition and its Annexes. 

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